6 new companies join 2 Degrés

Today, we’re proud to unveil our newest cohort! 6 innovative companies join our community of incubated startups.


Last March, we launched our 4th call for projects supported by the Port of Quebec. We brought together a selection committee of experts and specialized professionals to analyze the applications received.

Lhe jury took place on June 18 and 19 and was made up of :


Following this exceptional jury, 6 companies were selected to join our personalized and specialized incubation program. These projects stood out from the other applications received not only for their innovative processes, but also for the strength, viability and potential of their business models.

Entrepreneurs who join our pathway can take advantage of our community of ambassadors, experts and partners to accelerate the development of their technology. They will also be able to validate their business model hypotheses, and develop their leadership, skills and teams along the way.

We are proud to unveil these innovative companies, which offer sustainable solutions to today’s environmental challenges.


♻️ Florilège Design

Florilège Design offers 100% compostable packaging made from recycled food scraps. The solution enables companies to do away with single-use plastic parts and opt for packaging with a decomposition time adapted to its useful life. The parts, comparable to molded paste, can be customized to the customer’s liking.




♻️ CaCO3 Biotech

CaCO3 Biotech is a start-up specializing in the development of calcium carbonate powder from marine by-product residues, such as mollusc shells. Instead of being landfilled, these residues are recycled to produce two key ingredients: cosmetic-grade mother-of-pearl powder and technical-grade calcite powder. This innovative approach enables CaCO3 Biotech to transform waste into high-value products, opening up new prospects in the cosmetics and technical industries.




EVsimple promotes sustainable mobility by reducing the number of cars on the road through an all-electric transition. The company believes in connectivity between neighborhoods via user-friendly applications, encouraging the participation of local businesses and individuals. Thanks to its technological platform, EVsimple eliminates the constraints and costs associated with owning an electric vehicle, offering an economical and accessible solution even in small communities.



♻️💧 Biocleen Solutions

Biocleen Solutions is a company specializing in enzymes, natural catalysts effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the circular economy. Thanks to strategic partnerships with renowned research centers, Biocleen Solutions offers a complete range of enzymes at competitive prices, as well as tailor-made biotechnological solutions for local manufacturers. The company’s ultimate goal is to establish the first enzyme production facility in Canada, encouraging the adoption of environmentally-friendly practices and making the environment a top priority.


💧 BluEauAsls

BluEauAsls revolutionizes domestic water consumption with an innovative solution. Thanks to a semi-closed loop system, this startup recycles household grey water and reintroduces it into the non-potable water supply system. This approach considerably reduces water consumption while preserving freshwater resources. With BluEauAsls, households can actively contribute to environmental sustainability by intelligently reusing water, in line with government targets.



♻️ Baux-Bloc

Baux-Bloc offers an innovative solution for transforming bauxite residues into concrete building blocks, creating a circular economy between the aluminum industry and the building materials market. This approach reduces the accumulation of bauxite residues, prevents environmental damage and reduces demand for cement, the main emitter of greenhouse gases. Baux-Bloc represents a sustainable and profitable opportunity to recycle bauxite residues and promote sustainability in construction.



We are proud to welcome this new cohort of cleantech startups developing impact solutions in the water, energy and waste management sectors. With passion, boldness and determination, these entrepreneurs are building a more environmentally-friendly future! We look forward to accompanying them on their entrepreneurial adventure, supporting them in their doubts, challenging them in their ideas and celebrating their successes together!



Thanks to : Ville de Québec, Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Desjardins, Port de Québec, Investissement Québec, Premier Tech, TACT, EY, Norton Rose Fulbright, Fasken, Energir and all our partners who support us on a daily basis.


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