7 new companies join the incubation program!

7 new companies join the incubation program!

We are delighted and extremely proud to present the 7 new companies joining our incubation program!

These projects and entrepreneurs stood out from the other applications received not only for their innovative processes, but also for the strength, viability and potential of their business models. This gang of entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of our community of experts and partners to accelerate the development of their solution. They will take part in our specialized, personalized pathway to validate their business model hypotheses and develop their leadership, skills and team.

Welcome to 2 Degrés, welcome to you 💛


➟ Sunbird Energy

  • Sunbird Énergie enables in-situ energy production through the implementation of renewable energy systems that postpone the use of high-carbon heating equipment and reduce GHG emissions.


➟ O My Load 💧

  • O my load is an alternative to washing machines and dry cleaners, making textile care simple and sustainable.


➟ Nexfid ♻️

  • Biotech start-up Nexfid recovers organic waste to produce and market produce and market high-quality proteins and fatty acids from insect breeding, for use in animal feed.


➟ Datanergie

  • Datanergie is developing a solution for operating a decentralized network of cloud computing servers in small buildings, and installing a thermodynamic system to capture and valorize the heat produced by the servers.


➟ Smart Water Distribution Systems 💧

  • The Smart Water Distribution Systems solution helps drinking water utilities to :
  • Lift drinking water advisories, such as boil water or do not drink water advisories, earlier and at lower cost.
  • Find affected areas more quickly and accurately in the event of a drinking water contamination incident
  • Adjust injection of disinfectants, such as chlorine, according to actual water consumption
  • Create a reliable digital twin of the water distribution network to improve drinking water safety and quality


➟ Energy Stat

  • Énergie Stat develops a solution that maximizes the energy efficiency of industrial, commercial and institutional companies.


➟ Hydrovel

  • Hydrovel produces clean energy and chemicals in a sustainable way by developing processes with negative greenhouse gas emissions. Dry catalytic methane reforming technology, assisted by microwave heating, consumes greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) to produce clean hydrogen and ethanol.


Thank you to all our partners and collaborators, without whom this wonderful adventure would once again be impossible.

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