Our support offer

Our service offering is specifically linked to the realities, issues and needs of new businesses in the pre-start-up stage, right through to start-up.


Our support is highly specialized and tailored to your needs and the progress of your project.

Through this incubation program, you’ll have access to the resources, equipment and means you need to develop your business.

More than 20 hours of training and coaching every month

Access to a network of over 75 mentors, experts and ambassadors from the cleantech industry

Access to specialized laboratories and equipment to accelerate the development of your technologies

The hours of support can cover all subjects related to the development of your organization:

  • strategy
  • business development
  • intellectual property
  • financial modeling
  • human resources
  • international development
  • marketing
  • etc …

Course objectives

Our admission criteria
Maturity stage

Pre-start (TRL-NMT 2-3)


Across Québec

Market potential


Business model

Innovative (involving research) and high-impact (GHG reduction)

Legal form

All types


Demonstration of serious commitment (at least 3 days/week)

Sectors in demand


We are looking for innovative environmental projects aimed at reducing carbon footprints and improving processes in the water, waste and energy sectors.




Course costs

350/month = 5% of total value of accompaniment

Subsidies available

Submit your project

Interested in our incubation program?

Our call for projects is now closed!


However, you can still apply throughout the year to take part in our incubation program specializing in the environment and clean technologies.

Simply fill in the form on our website.

We’ll take a look at your application, and when the next call for projects is issued, you’ll be one of the candidates in the running to join our next cohort.


To apply to our call for projects, simply fill in the form on the “Become an incubatee” page 👇.


For further information, please contact :


Josyane Turgeon

Senior Advisor – Entrepreneurship


We accelerate the emergence of Cleantech companies

The services you need to change the world

Entrepreneurial community

Access premises and office space run by the entrepreneurial community to develop your business, welcome collaborators and meet customers.

Support and consulting services

Thanks to 2 Degrés' extensive network of partners, you benefit from a full range of consulting services to meet your most demanding needs, at the right time.

Specialized equipment and infrastructure

Infrastructures, laboratories and specialized equipment are made available to entrepreneurs to accelerate the development of their cleantech businesses.

Collaborative enhancement space

Encourage the collaborative valorization of intellectual property, by promoting collisions between entrepreneurs, researchers and investors. That's the idea!

Strategically located corporate rents

Our corporate spaces are available to entrepreneurs and partners to encourage networking, open innovation and collaboration within the 2 Degrés ecosystem.

The services you need to change the world

Consulting, coaching
and expertise

By mobilizing top-level resources, the 2 Degrés team and a network of partners, business partners and exclusive collaborators, you benefit from specialized, personalized support and consulting services.

  • Access to specialized resources
  • Market preparation and financing
  • Concept validation and development
  • Thematic paths and sector programs

Specialized equipment and infrastructure

Thanks to the pooling of existing equipment through our network of partners, highly specialized infrastructures are made available to you to accelerate the development of your businesses and innovations.

  • Prototyping, testing and spin-offs
  • Technological and scientific validation
  • Laboratory consulting and technical support
  • Demonstration and scaling

Entrepreneurial community

Fostering the collision of ideas between entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and industry: that’s the idea behind 2 Degrés! Spaces and activities are offered to encourage networking, open innovation and collaboration throughout the ecosystem!

  • Dynamic workshops given by collaborative experts
  • Collaborative innovation sessions
  • Competitions exclusive to the 2 Degrés ecosystem
  • Media announcements and public events

Collaborative spaces

Access premises, technology platforms and collaborative spaces to develop your business, welcome collaborators, meet customers and be part of the entrepreneurial community!

  • Strategically located office space
  • Access to an exclusive bank of technology platforms and tools
  • Places for networking between startups, industry and government
  • Co-development environment

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