Unveiling our new cohort

We are proud and delighted to present the 3 new companies that joined our incubation program in May. This gang of entrepreneurs will benefit from our community of experts and partners, specialized and personalized support, and access to state-of-the-art infrastructures to accelerate the development of their clean technologies.

These 3 impact companies stood out from all the other applications received thanks to their highly innovative processes, and the strength, viability and potential of their business models.


"Skyrenu, Novo Power and Impergomma. At first glance, these names may mean little to you. That's about to change!

For us, these 3 companies developing clean technology innovations represent a brighter future, just like the 6 other companies we've been supporting since the beginning of our activities! These three companies join the 2 Degrés community and our cohort of incubated companies.

Having the opportunity to support them on a daily basis in the development of their innovations and businesses fills us with great pride! Together, we're building that tomorrow has the potential to become and be - a sustainable, innovative and prosperous economy!"

Alexandre Guindon, CEO and Co-founder of 2 Degrés


Skyrenu Technologies


Skyrenu Technologies combines a direct air collection system with a carbonation carbonation process rock carbonation process to treat mine tailings in order totrap carbon. The innovative system uses a low-cost, environmentally-friendly solid adsorbent in a cycle that minimizes energy demand to reduce capture costs.

The Skyrenu Technologies team is made up of 10 engineering students and researchers from the Université de Sherbrooke.

Sector: environment - air

Novo Power Intl


Relying on its innovative free-piston ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) generator, Novo Power Intl technology reduces data center demands on the power grid, saving money and reducing associated greenhouse gas emissions. An innovative system that generate electricity from waste heat.

The Novo power Intl team consists of 8 people, including energy policy expert Philip Raphals.

Sector: renewable energies



Impergomma is a project based on the desire to reuse industrial waste and recycled products in an environmentally friendly way. The company is expanding in the creation of new materials using components from end-of-life end-of-life tire recycling.

Giuseppe DiTommaso was referred to us by Québec International. His ambition is to develop his project, already marketed in Tunisia and Quebec.

Sector: residual materials

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