Mission and Vision



Support, structure and drive the development of clean technologies with a view to reducing the carbon footprint of our economic activities and creating sustainable wealth.



Position Québec as a world leader in the development of clean technologies – a vector for economic impact and growth.
a vector for economic impact and growth
through the emergence of new, innovative, successful and sustainable companies.

Our team

They are committed to
promote green businesses.

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Alexandre Guindon

Directeur Général et Co-Fondateur

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Audrey Béganton

Chargée de projets

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Cécile Riche-Siméon

Chargée - communications et événements

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Edouard Desjardins

Conseiller stratégique

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François Lépine-Cossette

Conseiller - Entrepreneuriat

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Josyane Turgeon

Conseillère principale - Entrepreneuriat

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Marie-Noëlle Fortin

Directrice générale adjointe

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Morgane Salussolia

Directrice - rayonnement et développement

Our incubates

Generating wealth responsibly and sustainably

Our sales

Vanessa Grondin

President, Board of Directors

Mikaël Guillemette

Vice-President, Board of Directors

Reno Lessard

Secretary, Board of Directors

Charles-Hubert Déry

Treasurer, Board of Directors
Anne Thériault

Anne Theriault

Director, Board of Directors
Élisabeth Coulombe

Elizabeth Coulombe

Director, Board of Directors
Our Advisory Committee
Carl Viel

Carl Viel

President and CEO, Québec International
Louis Roy

Louis Roy

CEO, Optel Group
Nicolas Turgeon

Nicolas Turgeon

Director, Investissement Québec - CRIQ
Maripier Tremblay

Maripier Tremblay

Full Professor, Entrepreneurship - Laval University
Michel K Landry

Michel K. Landry

Chief Executive Officer - RDL Group - Accounting Solutions
Serge Lavergne

Serge Lavergne

Senior Partner and Founder, Progression Groupe Conseil
Jean-François Blais

Jean-François Blais

Professor, Centre Eau Terre Environnement - INRS
Suzanne Blanchet

Suzanne Blanchet

Company Director

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