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Partnership between 2 Degrés and four RSRIs

2 Degrés is very proud to bring together four industrial research clusters (RSRI) from different fields under a single partnership. These four industry groups - InnoVÉÉ, Prompt, CRIBIQ and PRIMA Québec - will support our cleantech incubators in their financing and R&D strategies.


Des catalyseurs d’innovation favorisant les maillages entre le milieu de la recherche et l'industrie


The mission of the sector-based industrial research clusters (RSRI) is to create and support a collaborative innovation ecosystem conducive to the development of strategic sectors of the economy, to the benefit of research centers, companies and Quebec society as a whole.


InnovÉÉ's mission is to stimulate, support and finance collaborative research projects related to the electrical industry, smart grids, transport electrification and intelligent vehicles and transport systems, by pooling the expertise and resources of industrial partners and research establishments. With its strong culture of open innovation, InnovÉÉ accelerates the development and transfer of forward-looking solutions, thereby contributing to the energy transition. More than a place of convergence, it is a genuine catalyst for social transformation.


"InnovÉÉ is proud to partner with the 2 Degrés incubator, which helps support start-ups in order to structure and propel clean technologies throughout Quebec, which is completely in line with our mission." -

Thierry St-Cyr, General Manager


For Prompt, entrepreneurs and researchers are the driving force behind technological innovation in Quebec. By supporting them in creating partnerships, financing research and development, and funding technology certification and licensing, Prompt works with entrepreneurs to create the Quebec of tomorrow.


"PROMPT contributes to the development of technological innovations in Quebec through a range of funding programs aimed at companies and public and academic research centers. Since 2018, through the INNOV-R program, PROMPT has been supporting Quebec companies in the development of technologies aimed at significantly reducing GHG emissions. Offered in collaboration with the MEI and the Ministry of the Environment, this program supports strategic economic sectors that will enable Quebec to reach its GHG emission reduction targets more quickly." - Frederic Bove, General Manager


For their part, the CRIBIQ team works to promote and support innovative projects in Quebec's bioeconomy industrial sectors. Their members benefit from financing and have access to innovation-related databases. What's more, the CRIBIQ team constantly monitors strategic issues in their fields of expertise, enabling a direct transfer of knowledge between their experts and member companies.


" The cleantech start-ups that will be supported by 2 Degrés will unequivocally contribute to strengthening Quebec's position as a leader in the fight against climate change. CRIBIQ is proud of its partnership with 2 Degrés, which will make a concrete contribution to helping these companies better structure their projects, while giving them access to strategic advice on innovative practices, as well as to a broad business and public research network. " - Mohammed Benyagoub, President and CEO (CEO until January 2022, replaced by Nathalie Ouimet in February 2022)


Finally, PRIMA Québec is Quebec's advanced materials research and innovation cluster, whose mission is to drive and support the advanced materials ecosystem. Through its support and funding, it helps stimulate collaborative innovation between industry and researchers. What's more, PRIMA Québec facilitates access to the cutting-edge equipment and expertise needed to carry out projects, thanks to the one-stop shop that is Infrastructure en Recherche et Développement du Québec (IRDQ).


" As an industrial research sector group, PRIMA Québec is proud to support the 2 Degrees clean technology incubator and its incubatees. Its mandate is to stimulate collaborative innovation between industry and researchers by facilitating access to cutting-edge equipment and the expertise needed to carry out projects. This partnership will help support an innovation ecosystem conducive to the development of a strategic sector, as well as contributing to the emergence and development of new cleantech companies for which advanced materials can make a difference. " - Marie-Pierre Ippersiel, President and General Manager


Ensemble, bâtissons l'économie de demain!


We are pleased to formalize and announce this collaboration, which is in line with our respective visions and values, and which will contribute to the enhancement of our intellectual potential and the creation of high value-added companies throughout Quebec!


"We are convinced that it is by collaborating, leveraging and pooling our greatest strengths, resources and talents that we will be able to generate sustainable business, innovation and wealth in response to one of the greatest challenges facing current and future generations - climate change! This partnership is centered on these values that we hold so dear, and this vision that is fundamental to us!" - Alexandre Guindon, General Manager and co-founder of 2 Degrés



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Author: L'équipe de 2 Degrés | March 3, 2022

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