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Partnership between 2 Degrés and Premier Tech

2 Degrés is very proud to announce its major partnership with Premier Tech. Premier Tech, an innovative company with a global presence but proud local roots, has been placing the environment at the heart of its values and the development of its innovative products for almost 100 years.


Considering the importance our organizations jointly place on responsible entrepreneurship, the development of our collective potential and the creation of sustainable wealth and innovation, this collaboration is intended to be strategic and aligned with our respective visions and values.


We're delighted to count this Quebec flagship among our partners, and we're convinced that together we'll be able to propel cleantech start-ups to the next level!


Une collaboration pour favoriser l’innovation et l’émergence d’entreprises durables en technologies propres


Thanks to this partnership, the companies supported by 2 Degrés will have access to Premier Tech's experts, resources and specialized infrastructures, thus promoting the development of their businesses and innovations. This important collaboration will contribute to the dynamism of entrepreneurial and innovative communities, and stimulate the development of innovations that meet real market needs and challenges.


"We are pleased to support the development of a cleantech incubator in Quebec City and to be able to share Premier Tech's expertise in environmental technology innovation and commercialization with participants."

- Pierre Talbot, Senior Vice President, Innovation, Premier Tech


À propos de Premier Tech et de leur positionnement


Making a difference is what sets Premier Tech apart. A unique team driven by a shared passion for delivering solutions that make a positive contribution to the lives of people, businesses and communities. At Premier Tech, Passion and Technology come together in a sustainable and transformative way to bring to life products and services that help feed, protect and improve our planet. At the heart of our promise lies a commitment to creating sustainable solutions that grow healthy, thriving gardens, increase crop yields, improve the efficiency of manufacturing facilities, treat and recycle water and much more - because we simply never stop innovating.


For almost a century, Premier Tech has been expanding internationally thanks to the driving force of its 4,700 team members in 28 countries. Premier Tech has enjoyed sustained growth for over a quarter of a century, and today boasts sales of one billion dollars.


Passion et Technologies pour faire la différence


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Author: L'équipe de 2 Degrés | June 8, 2021

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